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Located in the heart of Paris, the Gozulting studios welcome you to create your projects.

With over 120 square metres dedicated to audiovisual production, our studios are the ideal place to turn your live or pre-recorded speeches into a real success, whether it's a conference, a seminar, a talk show, a product demonstration or anything else... from recording to broadcasting your projects.

A team dedicated to your serenity

Because your video speeches are a key part of your communication strategy, Gozulting offers peace of mind when it comes to the various technical aspects of video production.

Thanks to its team of expert technicians, Gozulting can work with you to ensure that your speech matches your objectives, your messages and your expectations at every stage of your project.

Gozulting makes it easier for you to manage your various content-related challenges, whether technical, editorial, visual asset or distribution.

A wide range of equipment to meet your needs

In order to provide you with maximum flexibility and to meet the needs of as many situations as possible, our studios have a wide range of equipment suitable for both web productions and the most demanding film productions.

Our cameras

With a selection of cameras all equipped with full-format sensors, we cover a wide range of requirements, from image capture for webcasting in 1080p (HD) with our lightweight, mobile cameras to cinematic rendering in 4K at up to 120 frames per second!

Shine on screen with our selection of cameras: 

  • Sony FS5, light and mobile with their super 35 sensor in 1080p ;
  • Sony FX6, cinematic rendering capable of filming in 4k at 120 frames per second;
  • Sony FR7, remotely controllable cinema cameras;

Our microphones

A good picture is great, but with a good soundtrack it's even better!

With our selection of microphones, your voice will be as clear as at the opera:

  • Lavalier microphones  Sanken COS-11D, discrete to capture your speech without being seen;
  • Directional headset microphones   or  "Madonna" DPA 4088, to ensure that you are as serious as the greatest speakers  ;
  • Podcast microphones    Shure SM7B, to focus on your voice and only your voice ;
  • Broadcast microphones Sennheiser HMD27,  to comment intensely on sporting events or your financial results  !

And much, much more!

A wide selection of lighting, furniture and more... to match your stage to your brand values, adapted to your content.

Fully equipped and optimised for web-based filming, our 30 square metre set is ideal for product presentations, talk shows, interviews and web conferences.

With a fully equipped control room and very high-speed internet connections, this space is optimised for capturing, recording and broadcasting your shows in both high definition (1080p) and 4K.

Designed for life beyond filming, our studio has a make-up area to prepare the various contributors, as well as a lounge area where you can chat and watch programmes in progress in comfort.



30 square metres
9 square metres
Full control room
Digital mixer
Behringer X32
Web Picture #1
Web Picture #2
Web Picture #3
Web Picture #4
Web Picture #5
Web Picture #6

Give your content a new impact and project your audience into the heart of your brand culture with our latest-generation curved LED screen.

As the centrepiece of our 60 square metre set, this screen becomes an integral part of your shows and brings the content you shoot to life.

Ideal for highlighting key information about your teams, products or results, it's the perfect choice for webinars, online conferences, annual reports or product launches.

With a fully equipped control room and high-speed internet connections, this space is optimised for capturing, recording and broadcasting your programmes in high definition (1080p) or 4K.



60 square metres
LED screen
21 square metres curved
Full control room
Digital mixer
Behringer X32
Corporate Picture #1
Corporate Picture #2
Corporate Picture #3
Corporate Picture #4
Corporate Picture #5

Give your imagination total freedom with our 120 square metre modular filming space.

Any favourite themes you'd like to express yourself on? Set up a table, lights and microphones and launch your podcast!

Would you like speakers to join you on your adventure? Turn your podcast into a talk show by multiplying the number of people around the table!

Looking to create a room with a unique atmosphere? The 120 square metres of ready-to-use space are perfect for recreating a variety of rooms and atmospheres.



120 square metres
Control room
VMIX, ATEM or custom made
Digital mixer
Behringer X32
Talk-shows Picture #1
Talk-shows Picture #2
Talk-shows Picture #3

Turn your public speeches into truly enriching exchanges thanks to our Arena, designed and equipped for hosting audiences.

In a 250 square metre space that can accommodate up to 45 people, give your content an interactive dimension thanks to live reactions from your audience.

Ideal for general meetings or question-and-answer sessions, our Arena allows you to highlight your brand image while encouraging the creation or direct maintenance of your professional network.

Arena Picture #1
Arena Picture #2
Arena Picture #3
Arena Picture #4


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